Long before experiential marketing got its name, brands have asserted their presence through concerts, parties and sports events. They knew that facts and theories are easily forgotten, but experiences could stay in people’s minds for life.

Today, experiential marketing could do more. With advanced gadgetry and digital systems, consumers could feel and interact with a brand with their sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste at the same time.

From individual sampling to full-scaled guerrilla marketing, we work with brands to find a place in people’s hearts — the engine of all human motivation. Our 360° offerings enable brands to explore novel, effective ways of engaging audiences that achieve the desired outcomes.


Digital Activation refers to an integrated strategy involving all forms of online marketing channels including search-engine optimisation, online advertising, video marketing, mobile marketing or word-of-mouth marketing.

We work with our clients to engage consumers through various channels, manage and monitor results in real time, and measure goal conversion rates.

Corporate & Media Function

Corporate and media functions are opportunities to engage media professionals and corporate players, as well as disseminate information about corporate social responsibility, brand image and brands awareness. We work with our clients to identify a programme that would benefit both corporate players and the media that is in line with their objectives.


Sales and promotional activities are very important marketing pillars that create awareness and sustain consumer engagement. We evaluate the market and work with marketers in providing the best platforms and strategies that offers the best opportunities to engage consumers.

Market Research & Route to Consumer

Our approach in market research is based on the routes-to-market methodology, which aligns marketing efforts with sales and distribution as well as optimises investments in these areas.

We start by evaluating the market topography and identifying channels that will reach consumers for a product most effectively. We then create strategies that will maximise the potential of selected channels and track their effectiveness. This allows us to continuously improve on the results of our campaigns.

Product Launches (Consumer & Media)

The launch of a new product is a golden opportunity for brands to make an impression. We present our clients’ new products to selective target audiences: the media, VIP consumers and mass consumers, by delivering the product message in brand-appropriate and creative ways.
Event Organizers

Events are effective ways to bring like-minded people together. Our event organisers are able to design touch points to deliver best engagement journey and ultimately achieve brand or product recall capability.



Brand identity is an image we build for our clients according to their history, current objectives and aspirations.

Design language is a communication path we develop for our clients to engage consumers in various shapes, forms, materials and textures.

With a consistent brand identity and design language, we work with our clients to develop merchandising solutions and point-of-sales material design, which includes the interior architecture and build of retail spaces.